Jatyr Drudi Junior, VP Nalco Water Heavy & Downstream – Latin America,


"Global Chemical is our new strategic business unit, leveraging 100 years of Ecolab’s water and process experience to create new, streamlined approaches for the chemical industry that include the use of digital ecosystems combined with circular economy expertise. "

What are Ecolab’s main activities in Latin America?

Ecolab has been present in Latin America for over 60 years working close to customers to support them to achieve strategic objectives through sustainable operations in water, hygiene and infection prevention. The region accounts for approximately 6% of the company’s global revenues. With 11 manufacturing plants located across countries in the region to address different markets needs strategically, Ecolab employs over 7,600 associates in Latin America to serve customers in two main business divisions: Industrial Division - which includes industrial water business in light, heavy, pulp and paper, F&B and mining business segments and Institutional division - serving hospitality, building and facilities, commercial laundries, health care and others.

Which services related to the chemicals industry does Ecolab offer, including for ammonia and fertilizers?

Our innovation strategy combines best-in-class chemistry, engineering, and digital technology. Through innovative digital solutions as 3D TRASARTM automation technology we are able capture real-time intelligence, develop actionable insights and drive smarter execution to deliver superior outcomes.

Another priority is to provide to our customers access to the digital platforms using new technologies such as OMNITM to improve the performance of critical exchangers and optimize heat transfer, which is crucial in the ammonia and fertilizer industries, and it also improves compressors in gases. In 2021, Ecolab will launch ECOLAB3D™, a new secure cloud-based digital platform that translates operating data from multiple sources into actionable insights using advance algorithms and predictive analytics. It combines data-driven insights, consultative services and collaborative partnership to take performance, operations and sustainability to the next level.

Water scarcity is becoming an increasing issue in Latin America. What can companies do to mitigate risks and improve efficiency with this in mind?

In Latin America, the threat is evident as 16 of the region’s largest cities are facing water-related issues, and three of the largest cities, namely Mexico City, Lima and São Paulo, are facing the danger of water-loss in the near future.

The water-intensive chemical industry must actively innovate and implement technologies and processes that minimize water consumption. Ecolab is fully committed to this mission. Our holistic water expertise helps customers to reduce water usage and better manage the water they use, from everyday uses to complex process challenges.

We also focus to provide smart water efficiency solutions for our clients. For example, our Global Chemical business unit, coupled with Ecolab’s digital tools, helps companies identify opportunities to optimize water consumption. One of these tools is Ecolab’s Water Risk Monetizer, allowing customers to identify and quantify the risks and costs associated with water, guiding their decisions. Meanwhile, our Ecolab Smart Water Navigator helps benchmark facility indicators to set action plans to improve processes, minimizing water consumption. The Ecolab Smart Water Navigator helps you increase water resilience and support responsible business growth by turning corporate water targets into real, sustainable results.

What does Global Chemical, Nalco Water’s new strategic business unit, hope to achieve?

Global Chemical is our new strategic business unit that combines our Heavy chemical and Downstream Chemical Process Industries (CPI) into one, leveraging 100 years of Ecolab’s water and process experience to create new, streamlined approaches for the chemical industry that include the use of digital ecosystems combined with circular economy expertise.

What targets has the company set in the transition to a net-zero economy?

In 2020, Ecolab launched ambitious sustainability goals to continue to increase our positive impact through our work with our customers, accelerate our efforts within our own operations, expand our approach to product sustainability, nurture our talent and live our values in our workplace. In addition, we are committed to doing our part in limiting the rise of global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius, as members of the Business Ambition for 1.5C. Therefore, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and to reach net-zero by 2050, along with our suppliers.