Industry Thoughts

Innovation meets sustainability in the chemical industry

Background image courtesy of Braskem

“Haldor Topsoe originally focused on catalyst solutions for various industries as it still does today. We possess both the expertise and technologies needed to transform renewable electricity, biomass, and waste into green hydrogen, green ammonia, e-Methanol and e-fuels for zero emission fuels and chemicals that will power a sustainable future. A firm prove of our commitment is that we are investing in a manufacturing facility producing highly efficient Solid Oxide Electrolyzers Cells (SOEC) and with the new facility, we aim to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand for competitive electrolysis technology, predominantly for green hydrogen plants based on renewable electricity.”

Gustavo Cienfuegos, Managing Director – Latin America, Haldor Topsoe

“Stolthaven’s terminal in Santos is the first to operate on 100% green energy bought from the free market, and we are also doubling the use of rainwater within our terminal. We will leverage technology and experience from Stolthaven’s terminals in Singapore and New Orleans, which are already quite automated, to upgrade the technological capacity of our Santos terminal. These technologies include robotic tank inspections to eliminate the need for a person to go inside the tank, which can be a safety risk. We are also analyzing the atmosphere to establish if everything is fine in terms of emissions and use drones to check temperatures from above.”

Marcelo Schmitt, General Manager – Brazil, Stolthaven Terminals

"Croda invested in developing an R&D center in Brazil and 1,000 square meters have been added to the facility over the last years. Together with the infrastructure investment, we also built a knowledgeable team which works closely with customers to understand market trends and customer needs. Through internal innovation as well as open innovation with universities and third party entities, we aim to create the best innovative solutions for our customers. Our team works fully aligned with our sustainability targets to deliver innovative solutions. This year we are investing in Iberchem’s new production unit and R&D center for fragrance and flavors to be built in Brazil."

Adriana Nobre, Managing Director - Latin America, Croda

“We are particularly focused on the disinfection, sanitization, and cleaning market, as well as the oil and gas industry. A recent example is our range of Aspire Surfactant Blends – highly versatile blends of powerful surfactants that help formulators create superior, cost-effective cleaning products that also support sustainability goals. In particular, Aspire G Super Concentrate provides a base formulation from which laundry detergents, hard surface cleaners, glass cleaners, bathroom cleaners and washing liquids can be prepared. Its unique blend translates into lower levels of active chemicals in the end-use product. This concentrate offers opportunities for logistics savings in freight and the reduction of warehouse space and carbon footprints due to its low water content and reduced size.”

Richard Rehg, VP Commercial, Pilot Chemical Company

“Ambipar has made serious investments into research and development to improve waste management processes that turn residues into useful products. Specifically, we have been doing a great deal of R&D to transform and make use of waste so that it can be reintroduced into the industrial processes as a raw material in various sectors. The pulp and paper industry is known for producing considerable amounts of organic and inorganic waste, so Ambipar is working on a project to make compost out of organic waste to be used as a fertilizer. In terms of inorganic waste that was previously disposed of, Ambipar recycles it to produce construction materials.”

Dennys Spencer de Maio, COO, Ambipar Group